Casual, rustic elegance exudes character and charm in our latest summer design, Graziella. With it’s gracefully curved shape and light as a cloud drape this crescent lace shawl is designed to gently hug your shoulders as it flutters in the summer breeze.


Worked flat in fingering weight yarn, panels of alternating lacework - a simple dip stitch pattern paired with an openwork lace - radiate from the neckline to form the body of the shawl. Live stitches are bound off with a romantic, knitted-on Provençal lace border; it’s scalloped edging lends lowkey-luxury and vintage vibes to this ethereal beauty.


We knit our sample with Linum by Miss La Motte, a linen-merino single ply in a fresh, crisp new custom colorway, “Celadon Slate.” For stashdiving: preference should be given to pastel tones in a gentle colorway. Lilac, emerald, gray-green, soft blue, blue, and silvery colors will be beautiful for Graziella. A gentle colorway in fibers with a touch of rustic charm such as wool blended with linen, cotton or silk, lends pastoral charm to this vintage inspired piece.