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Calliope Nest Cowl

• Threaded stitches

• Provisional Cast on

We’re thrilled to share with you the knitting pattern for the Calliope Cowl - a perfect project for busting through your stash! This cowl features beautiful threaded stitches that are reminiscent of the intricately woven nests of the Calliope Hummingbirds native to the Pacific Northwest.


Not only is this cowl richly textured and visually stunning, it’s also reversible and available in two sizes, making it super versatile and easily customizable. Plus, it’s a great stashbuster! For our smaller 27” circumference sample, we used leftover yarn from our faded Sorrel sweater. However, mini-skeins would also work beautifully in this design.


To knit the Calliope Cowl, you’ll need one strand of Sock yarn and one strand of lace mohair, which are held together to create a lovely interlocking effect with two colors. You can fade these colors if you’d like, or not! The threaded stitches are lined with sublime stockinette, which can be customized with a pop of color to add even more interest to the design.


For our sample, we used a 3-color fade (using the first 3 colors from our original Sorrel fade) and the 4th color for the stockinette lining. But don’t worry, you can totally get creative and use whatever colors you’d like! You could fade with 4 or even 5 colors, and add a color pop for the lining (200yds for the small cowl and 400yds for the large.)


To make things even easier, we’ve included a video tutorial for the threaded stitches in the pattern.

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