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Hey translators, if you have found this page you have been talking with Selena about translating some of our Wool & Pine patterns, we are so excited to be working with you! In order to have the translations process be as smooth as possible, we have set up this page so you can easily find and refer back to instructions. 

Watch the video to see how we would like the translations laid out. Here is a short summary:

  • Do the layout in a Word document (or google doc)

  • Label page # at the top, only put info on a page that is found on that page in the original pattern, some pages will have lots of blank space

  • List the abbreviations in alphabetical order. If the pattern has chart symbols, then write the english abbreviation at the end in brackets (knit)

  • Match pattern layouts and font as closely as possible. Larger text largerBold areas Bold, numbered rows numbered, italics in italics, bullet points where there are bullet points

  • Remember, Abbye doesn't speak this language, if there is a part of the translation on the wrong page or line she won't know and will input in the wrong part of the pattern!

When you have completed the translation, email it to Abbye will insert it into our final layout and send it back to you for review. Send invoice to

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