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We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce the Whidbey Bag, a stash-busting backpack that effortlessly transforms your cherished yarns into a stylish, functional project bag. Not only does the Whidbey Bag make for a fun and easy knitting experience, but it’s also a delightful way to carry your WIPs wherever you go.


Knit top-down in the round and seamless, the Whidbey Bag is completed with easily customizable i-cord straps that double as a drawstring for added convenience. Show off a variety of yarn weights, colors, and fibers as they’re handwoven into the bag’s body using a darning needle. The Whidbey Bag is perfect for relaxed TV knitting, offering a simple yet engaging project.


Key Features:

-No sewing
-No colorwork
-No lining required
-All yarn weights welcome


As always, we include a wealth of video tutorials to guide you through essential techniques such as the provisional cast-on, weaving your stash, attaching straps, and managing ends—so there’s no need for weaving-in!


Yarn requirements: Grab 2 skeins of DK yarn and an assortment of your favorite stash yarn to weave into your backpack using a darning needle. Feel free to use whatever yarn you have on hand! In our scrappy Whidbey, we utilized a combination of triple-held fingering weight, double-held DK, and single strands of worsted weight yarn.


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