$35 -  soft cover

comes with digital copy

$30 digital only

Book One

Book One is a beautiful, 8.5 x 11" bound collection of the first six garments from Wool & Pine. The soft cover and binding allow the book to lay flat when open, creating the perfect knitting workbook. Each of the six patterns include written and charted directions alongside glorious high quality color photos.  Book One includes over $50 of garment patterns, a digital download code and passwords to all of the helpful video tutorials detailed below. 

Books will be shipped out next business day. 


Patterns included in Book One: Sorrel, Scotch Broom, Summer Sorrel, Wild Wind, Criterion and Broadleaf


Video Tutorials

  • Dip stitch

  • i-cord cast on 

  • Tips for fading

  • Summer Sorrel increases

  • Brioche Basics

  • Beyond brioche basics

  • Choosing yarn for broadleaf

  • Seaming using mattress stitch

  • Picking up stitches for sleeves

  • Broadleaf special stitches

  • Scotch Broom stitch tutorial

  • Seaming i-cord using the mattress stitch

  • German Short Rows

  • Catching long floats

  • Twisty bind off

  • Dip stitch

  • Yoke and fading tips

  • Icord Cast on

  • Icord Bind off

  • How to knit cross stitches without a cable needle

  • Pre-blocked vs. Blocked gauge

  • Reading lace charts

  • Blocking Wild Wind

  • Seaming i-cord using the mattress stitch