Each pattern has its own set of video tutorials! You can access them here, or through the links in your pattern. All passwords will be provided in your purchased pattern. Here is a sample of one of our tutorial videos:

  • Custom Fit Video

  • Choosing your colors (2 videos)

  • Swatching for gauge

  • Colorwork English style

  • Magic knot

  • German short rows

  • Increases

  • Backwards loop cast on

  • Custom Fit Video

  • Icord Bind off

  • Swatch for gauge

  • Cable button band

  • German short rows

  • Lifted increases

  • Peperomia Construction: Seamlessly Joining Body + Sleeves

  • Reading sleeve charts

  • Seamed bind-off hack

  • Small Circumference Colorwork

  • Viserion raglan increase

  • Flame stitch

  • How to make tassels

  • Weaving ends into icord

  • Brioche Basics

  • Beyond brioche basics

  • Choosing yarn for broadleaf

  • Seaming using mattress stitch

  • Picking up stitches for sleeves

  • Broadleaf special stitches

  • German Short Rows

  • Catching long floats

  • Twisty bind off

  • Icord Cast on

  • Icord Bind off

  • How to knit cross stitches without a cable needle

  • Pre-blocked vs. Blocked gauge

  • Reading lace charts

  • Blocking Wild wind

  • Seaming icord usign the mattress stitch

  • Dip stitch

  • Yoke and fading tips

  • Dip stitch

  • Icord cast on 

  • Tips for fading

  • Summer sorrel increases

  • Scotch Broom stitch tutorial

  • Seaming icord using the mattress stitch

  • Threaded stitch tutorial