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As the sister design to Antique Flora Mitts, the Copenhagen Mittens capture the essence of Scandinavian design—functional, beautiful, and straightforward. Crafted from cozy DK yarn, these mittens are a tribute to the traditional yet always contemporary Nordic style, featuring a flowing cable pattern that is both a pleasure to knit and to wear.


Copenhagen Mittens are an enjoyable journey in knitting, beginning with a comfortable ribbed cuff that transitions into a landscape of textured stitches and cables, reminiscent of Copenhagen's peaceful waterways. The construction is straightforward: knitted in the round from cuff to fingertips, with a thoughtful thumb gusset that adds to the mittens' comfort and fit. The journey culminates with a neat kitchener stitch to close the fingers, ensuring a smooth and professional finish. They offer full coverage, making them ideal for those colder months when warmth is as much a necessity as style. 


With these mittens, you're not just knitting a pair of warmers; you're creating a timeless accessory. The combination of rich textures and the comforting embrace of the softest yarns make these mittens a winter wardrobe essential. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or just starting, Copenhagen Mittens offer a rewarding experience and a chic, practical addition to your collection.

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