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Floatside is a flowy, free-spirited stashbusting top, knit side to side from sleeve to sleeve featuring a refreshing scoop neck collar and groovy "Floatside" colorwork bordered by a lovely Latvian Braid detail and finished with a tidy icord hem and collar which cleverly disguises your colorwork ends (no weaving required) Floatside is fun to knit and easy to wear! 


 Floatside is a unique fingering weight top which features a clever side-to-side construction for a practically seamless garment with effortless ease and drape for days, this lovely Spring top is the perfect opportunity to flash your floats and bust some stash!  


Floatside's hem and collar are finished with a knit-on icord, which results in clean lines and beautiful drape and also has the added benefit of being worked directly over the colorwork ends, meaning there are no ends to weave in. The colorwork is very straightforward, worked flat (no purling) with no float catches and requiring only a few grams of each contrast color. 

• Construction overview

• Choosing colors (2 videos)

• Latvian braid (english and continental)

• Colorwork (english and continental)

• Securing ends of colorwork

• Icord Finish

Construction video

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 4.47.43 PM.png
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