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Antique Flora

•    Tips for swatching in the round

•    Antique Flora fade overview

•    Tips for building fades

Introducing Antique Flora, where the classic pullover gets a marled twist. Designed with a cozy mock-turtleneck (or crewneck) collar and a seamless top-down yoke, this sweater features a vintage damask-inspired, faded marled colorwork motif that gracefully extends past the sleeve split into the body. The pattern includes precise row-by-row fade instructions, allowing you to effortlessly knit the custom fade of your dreams!


Marling, the unique effect achieved by mixing two yarns together, is showcased beautifully in this design. We’ve marled two strands of sock yarn to create a custom gradient/fade for the contrasting color in the stranded colorwork yoke. Video tutorials and a fade guide are included to inspire and inform.


Antique Flora’s one-of-a-kind damask-inspired colorwork motif also extends onto the long sleeves, ending just before the elbow. The sleeves and sweater body are completed with optional shaping, classic stockinette, and 3x1 ribbed cuffs and hem.


Knit with DK-weight yarn for the main color and two strands of fingering weight yarn marled together for a gentle 5-color fade in the contrasting color, Antique Flora is adaptable to your stash. You can easily use fewer (or more) contrasting colors depending on your preference. Watch our informative video below for more details.

Fade Overview

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