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Antique Flora Mitts

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The Antique Flora Mitts invite a journey through knitting history with a modern twist. Inspired by the rich, harmonious colors of aged tapestries, these mitts weave a legacy of design into every stitch. Choose your fibers, like the luxurious Merino single-ply from Miss La Motte & Yarn Nouveau, and watch as your Antique Flora Mitts come to life, revealing a symphony of deep, emotive tones and delicate highlights.


Crafting these mitts is a delightful experience, with colorwork that's both intricate and accessible. The design starts with a snug cuff, then blossoms across your hands into an ornate floral pattern. Each stitch is a brushstroke, adding to the narrative woven into the fabric. With a thumb gusset that fits seamlessly into the design, and ribbing that ensures comfort and elegance, these mitts are as practical as they are beautiful.


But to knit Antique Flora Mitts is to create more than just a garment—it's to carry a wearable piece of art. This pattern celebrates the fusion of practicality with the timeless art of knitting. It invites you to choose colors that speak to you, creating a personal statement piece as unique as your own story. Perfect for those looking to add a touch of creativity to their craft, Antique Flora Mitts are a testament to the beauty found in every yarn and every color blend you select.


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