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Bluegrass Hat

• Choosing Colors 

• Brioche in the round 

• Brioche Increase 

• Brioche Decrease (English and Continental) 

• Decrease across the BOR

Dive headfirst into brioche with Bluegrass Hat. Embracing the two-color brioche technique, this hat offers a captivating blend of texture, color, and technique. With its straightforward increases and decreases, it's an approachable project for first-time brioche knitters, yet remains enjoyable for seasoned experts. The pattern is complemented by comprehensive video tutorials, assisting knitters at every stage. The result? A stashbusting hat that's as fun to knit as it is comfortable.


The design keeps the crown elegantly simple, giving you the freedom to make it your own: top it off with a playful pompom or let its sleek design shine on its own. If you've got yarn scraps, this hat is your canvas. With minimal yarn requirements, it's perfect for using up those beloved leftovers. Plus, by alternating your foreground color every other round, the hat transforms into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of shades.


Crafted for fingering weight yarn and including sizes from baby to adult, Bluegrass Hat is a versatile pattern that bridges the gap between traditional charm and contemporary flair. Dive in, and let this design be the highlight of your knitting journey.

Brioche in the Round

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