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Crochet Sea Glass Tee

• Chainless join tricks and tips

• Stranded crochet colorwork 

• Building a palette 

• Splitting for sleeves 

• Collar/hem/cuff whipstitch

Get ready to bust that stash with the Crochet Sea Glass Tee - a stunning top-down, seamless crochet project that’s perfect for using up all those fingering weight scraps, minis, and stash yarns you’ve been holding onto. With a fun and playful 1x1 colorwork pattern that’s easy to customize and a relaxed, easy-to-wear silhouette, this tee is the ultimate stashbusting project.


And the best part? With crochet, there are absolutely no ends to weave in and no magic knots to make, making this project as seamless as the construction itself.


But this project is about more than just busting your stash - it’s about embracing your creativity and unleashing your unique sense of style. With five video tutorials included, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make your own one-of-a-kind Crochet Sea Glass Tee, including tips for building color palettes, mastering the crochet colorwork technique, and more.


So dive into your stash, play with color, and create a wearable work of art that expresses your true self. Download the Crochet Sea Glass Tee pattern today and get started on your own colorful adventure!

Choosing Colors

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