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Introducing Dunedrifter, a breezy new top designed to sweep you off your feet and carry you straight to the heart of summer. Knit with Fru Valborg Silky Yak Singles, a luscious blend of 65% Merino, 20% Silk, and 15% Yak, this pattern delivers a summer top that is as versatile as it is gorgeous. Opt for a blended fingering weight yarn for perfect drape on balmy summer days, making this top an easy-to-wear, go-to piece for your handknit collection.


Dunedrifter features a unique, side-to-side construction, starting with the right sleeve, knitted in the round. The pattern then switches to a flat knit, adding extra stitches for the back, seamlessly incorporating a stunning and crisp lace motif. This approach continues onto the front, combining stockinette and lace for a beautifully shaped neckline. The front and back are then joined using a three-needle bind off, followed by the completion of the left sleeve in the round. This unique construction method lets you craft a beautiful lace pattern that stretches across the bottom of the top, adding a fun and eye-catching detail to your summer knit.


What truly sets Dunedrifter apart is the casual yet chic design, with rolled-edge sleeves and subtle neckline shaping. The pattern's recommended 2-6" positive ease results in a breezy silhouette, perfect for those carefree sunny days. Paired with denim shorts and your favorite summer soundtrack, it's all you need for those spontaneous beach outings.


For Dunedrifter, we've ensured that versatility goes beyond just styling. This pattern is suited for advanced beginners, offering an engaging project that combines lacework and easy shaping techniques in a fresh, unique construction. Pattern includes both written and charted instructions along with video tutorials.


Dunedrifter beautifully captures the essence of summer, making it a must-add to your knitting project list this season. Grab your knitting needles and drift into the sun-kissed landscape of summer with Dunedrifter.Yarn: While unfortunately the dyer Fru Valborg has since closed their doors, we highly recommend both Foxy Lady by The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers and Linum Singles by Miss La Motte. When shopping for yarn, look for a blended single-ply fingering weight yarn for perfect drape on balmy summer days. Check out the projects tab on Ravelry for even more suggestions by our fabulous Dunedrifter test knitters.

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