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• Construction overview 

• Choosing colors (2 videos) 

• Latvian braid (english and continental) 

• Colorwork (english and continental) 

• Securing ends of colorwork 

• Icord Finish

Introducing Floatside, a breezy, spirited stash-busting top that captivates with its side-to-side knit from sleeve to sleeve, featuring an invigorating scoop neck collar, enchanting “Floatside” colorwork framed by an exquisite Latvian Braid detail, and topped off with a sleek i-cord hem and neckline.


Floatside is a one-of-a-kind, fingering-weight short-sleeved top boasting an ingenious construction for a virtually seamless garment, requiring just a touch of mattress stitch at the shoulder. With its effortless ease and graceful drape, this charming spring top is the ultimate opportunity to showcase your colorwork skills and make the most of your yarn stash!


The hem and collar of Floatside are elegantly finished with a knit-on i-cord, resulting in refined lines, impressive drape, and cleverly concealing colorwork ends—eliminating the need to weave them in. The straightforward colorwork, knit flat without purling or float catches, demands only a minimal amount of each contrast color.

Unleash your creativity and bust your stash! Floatside highlights the silky, smooth Silk Road fingering weight yarn by Skein yarn in the charming Saffron shade. Any fingering weight yarn containing some wool is a perfect match! The luxurious silk, yak, and merino blend offers a stunning drape and exceptional stitch definition. A 100% merino, linen/wool blend, or other blended wool fingering weight sock yarn or single ply would also be an excellent choice for Floatside.


For the contrast colors, we used an eclectic mix of indie-dyed scrap yarns by Hue Loco & Dragon Hoard Yarn. Feel free to unleash your creativity and experiment with fibers and yarns for your Floatside masterpiece! Any fingering weight scrap yarns will beautifully accentuate Floatside’s distinct colorwork motif.

Construction Overview

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