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Neon Nectar

• Construction overview 

• Swatching in the round 

• Alternating skeins

Step into the joyful world of Neon Nectar, where cozy comfort meets colorful creativity. This lively pattern invites you to lose yourself in the tactile pleasure of textured stitches. Neon Nectar promises a relaxed yet stylish fit that's just as delightful to knit as it is to wear. Embrace the casual vibe and indulge in a knitting experience that's as warm and welcoming as your favorite mug of cocoa, wrapped in the bright charm of your favorite colors.


Construction Overview: Neon Nectar begins with the front and back shoulders worked flat, including careful shaping for both the front and back neckline. Once the shoulders are joined using a 3-needle bindoff for structure, textured slip stitches and stockinette form the upper front and back, with armscye shaping ensuring a comfortable fit. The stockinette body is then joined and worked in the round, pausing at the small of the waist for a cozy chunk of ribbing. Extra-long sleeves are picked up from the drop shoulder and knit in the round, featuring slip stitch detailing and a generous amount of ribbing for coziness, complemented by a touch of slouch in the arms. The neckline, shaped with precision, is picked up and customized to your liking, offering a beautifully fitting finish.


At Wool & Pine, we celebrate the individuality of each knitter and encourage you to let your creativity soar. For Neon Nectar, we recommend Spun Right Round's Squish DK, a plush blend of 100% Superfine Superwash Merino with 250 yards per 115 grams, hand-dyed in a dazzling array of one-of-a-kind speckles. But don't let our suggestion limit your imagination! Feel free to choose any speckled yarns that catch your eye or tug at your heartstrings. Neon Nectar is designed to complement your wild side, giving you the freedom to make it uniquely yours.


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