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Port Townsend Hat

•  Eloop Cast-on

•  Securing brim 

•  Jogless Join

•  Different ways to wear! 

We've added a special touch to Port Townsend – a matching hat! You can purchase this hat pattern, or receive it free when you purchase the Port Townsend Sweater.This all-stockinette hat is the ultimate stash-buster. Wear it your way: with a folded brim for a snug fit, or go unfolded for a slouchy look. Play with your stripes – make them thick or thin, vibrant with many colors or minimalistic with just a few. We've included sizes from baby to adult. It's the perfect complement to your Port Townsend knit, adding that extra bit of handmade style to your ensemble. Get ready to mix, match, and make it uniquely yours!

Get the full Port Townsend experience: buy the sweater pattern, get the hat free. Or, buy just the hat for a touch of seaside style. 

Hat sizes incl. baby to adult. Save 30% with code SEASIDE30. Sale ends Monday, April 15th at midnight PST.

Ways to Wear!

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