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Rockhound Vest

• Custom fit video

• Yarn and construction overview 

• Starting the Vneck

• Provisional Cast-on

• Working front chart and armscye

• Wrapped Stitch

• Twisted cables

• Pass-over Twist

• Customizing the V-neck and arm holes with ribbing 

Introducing Rockhound Vest, the perfect combination of rugged and refined style. With its captivating stitch motif and rustic texture, this sleeveless v-neck sweater is perfect for the cooler days, keeping you warm and stylish wherever you go.


The engaging seamless construction of Rockhound Vest is carefully designed for shaping and ease, making for a captivating knit from start to finish. The carefully crafted shaping and sleeveless style give you a comfortable and flattering fit, and the textured stitch motif adds a touch of sophistication to your look.


Rockhound Vest is easy to wear and versatile, making it a perfect layering piece over everything from t-shirts and turtlenecks to dresses and button-ups. Plus, our website has tons of styling options so you can find the perfect way to wear it!


Construction: The seamless construction of Rockhound Vest is knit from the top down. You’ll start by casting on and shaping each back shoulder separately onto waste yarn using provisional cast-on. The back shoulders are then joined along the back of the shaped neckline and worked flat down to the armholes, incorporating armscye shaping for ease in all the right places.


Next, the stitches for the front v-neck panels are picked up along the back shoulders and worked flat down to the armholes. Once all three pieces (back, front left, and front right) are worked to the armholes, they are joined into one piece and worked in the round down to the hem.


Customization is key with Rockhound Vest. You can easily customize the depth of your v-neck and size of your armholes when picking up stitches to work the twisted 1x1 ribbing that completes the neckline and armholes of your vest.

Custom Fit Video

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