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Scotchbroom Wrap

•  Construction and fit

•  Broomstick lace YO row

•  Broomstick lace and offset row

•  Knit on waist band

•  Bind-off waist band hole

•  Tidying waist band

•  Blocking

Introducing Scotchbroom Wrap, a playful and breezy wrap sweater perfect for layering on sun-drenched days. With its exquisite broomstick lace sleeves, this design captures the light, airy essence of summer. The flattering V-neckline and seamless, customizable  top-down construction, complete with a knitted-on belt, create a comfortable and chic fit. Knit with fingering weight yarn in your favorite warm weather fibers, this wrap offers cool comfort and effortless style. Perfect for both casual outings and special occasions, Scotchbroom Wrap is your go-to for a summer of endless possibilities.

The unique broomstick lace stitch, inspired by a classic crochet technique, creates a delicate texture that’s surprisingly easy to master, no brooms (or crochet hooks) required. This fun stitch not only adds visual interest but also enhances the drape and flow of the fabric, making Scotchbroom Wrap stylish and breathable.

Construction Overview:

Scotchbroom Wrap is knit flat and seamlessly from the top down. You begin with an icord cast on along the back of the neck, followed by short row shaping for the shoulders. The back is worked flat to the armhole join, then put aside. Stitches for each front shoulder are then picked up and worked down to the armhole, incorporating V-neck increases. The body is joined into one piece at the armhole and continued flat with V-neck increases. The body stitches are left live and finished using a knit-on border that creates the ribbed waist belt. The sleeves are then picked up and worked in the round with an easy to remember 4-round repeat, creating the billowing broomstick lace. The wrists feature a quick decrease and ribbed cuff.


Designed for -2” to 2” of ease. Example for selecting size based on ease: If your bust measures 40” and you’re aiming for a garment with 2” of positive ease, you would choose to knit the size that results in a 42” bust. For a closer fit, you would choose the size that results in a 38” bust.


Miss La Motte Lustre - Fingering: 50% superwash merino, 15% kid mohair, 15% mulberry silk, 20% polyamide

437 yards (400m) per 100g

Yardage required:

890 (1080, 1180, 1360, 1480, 1660)(1800, 1960, 2100, 2250, 2380) yards

815 (988, 1080, 1245, 1355, 1520)(1645, 1790, 1920, 2055, 2175) meters

Yarn Description:

Miss La Motte Lustre is a delicate, light fingering weight yarn with a high twist, combining 50% merino, 15% mulberry silk, 15% kid mohair, and 20% polyamide. It knits up beautifully, with a hint of luster from the silk content that deepens and enriches colors. This versatile, silky, and soft yarn is perfect for the drape and silhouette of Scotch Broom Wrap. If stash diving, we recommend fibers such as silk, linen and cotton with a touch of wool to help the lace bloom and drape. See our testers' projects for inspiration, as many used a variety of fibers.

Custom Fit Video

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