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Sea Glass Cowl

•  Swatching for Gauge

•  Choosing colors (multiple videos)

•  Using multiple yarn weights

•  Provisional Cast On

•  Colorwork English style

•  Magic Knot

•  Weaving ends

Unleash your yarn stash on Sea Glass Cowl, a playful exploration of color and fiber. This easy pattern is delightfully flexible, designed to accommodate 5 different gauges so you can mix and match yarns to your heart's content. Whether you choose DK yarn as your main color with fingering yarn held double for contrast, or throw in all your fingering weight scraps for a truly eclectic look, each combination will blend uniquely, transforming your collection of yarn scraps into a striking, one-of-a-kind textile. Embrace the unexpected and let your creativity flow!

Knit in the Round with a Seamless Finish

Start with a provisional cast-on and begin knitting the 1x1 colorwork that forms the body of Sea Glass Cowl. In this technique, you knit one stitch with one color, then switch to another color for the next stitch, continuing to alternate colors like this throughout the round. On the next round, change one or both colors. This creates a dynamic, multi-colored effect. Our method ensures that yarn ends are cleverly concealed within the fabric of the cowl, leaving a clean, invisible finish. When it’s time to close Sea Glass Cowl, the Kitchener stitch provides a seamless join that beautifully complements the pattern’s continuous flow.

A Gauge for Every Stash

With stitch counts adjusted for five different gauges, Sea Glass Cowl is a perfect project for using up various yarns from your collection. We’ve included a range of techniques to manage yarn ends, ensuring they’re tucked away neatly before you seam everything together—no ends in sight!

When knitting with different fiber scraps for Sea Glass Cowl, first swatch the yarns to check they knit well together and choose the stitch count that matches your gauge. Different fibers like wool, cotton, and silk behave differently, so swatching helps you adjust your needle size accordingly to achieve the desired fabric. Don’t skip wet blocking your cowl, this helps the fibers settle together, ensuring your cowl has a great texture and drape.

Included video tutorials guide you through each step, highlighting the joys of using up even the smallest scraps of yarn. With tips on selecting colors and combining different yarn weights, these tutorials help you navigate through your stash with confidence. Create a color palette that truly reflects your style and knit Sea Glass Cowl into a unique wearable piece of art that celebrates your creative vision.


For our Sea Glass Cowl sample, we used one skein of Sugarplum Circus' Charlotte DK in 'Desert Rose' for the main color (MC). This yarn's plump, round hand and soft, smooth Merino enhance its deeply saturated colors, perfectly setting off your assortment of yarn scraps used for the contrast colors (CC). Explore Charlotte DK's vibrant color palette to create a uniquely colorful and textured cowl. Discover more and purchase your skein here!

Swatching for Gauge

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