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• Construction overview 

• Construction overview 

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• Intarisa basics 

• Yarn managment 

• Stranded colorwork, RS and WS

Ready for a blend of cozy vibes and artful details? Allow us to introduce the Spicebloom Sweater, our latest design that marries autumnal warmth with artistic flair. Imagine sipping on a spiced latte while your needles dance through worsted yarn, crafting a one-of-a-kind sweater adorned with an eye-catching magnolia bloom.

The Spicebloom Sweater is knit top-down, featuring a cozy raglan fit, and a comfortable neckline that's shaped to suit those crisp fall days. What truly sets it apart is the magnolia design, knit using a combination of colorwork and intarsia. This bloom starts at your underarm and gracefully wraps around the side, becoming the focal point of your ensemble.

We're particularly excited about the yarn we've selected for this design—Quartet Worsted by Magpie Fibers. This worsted-weight, 100% superfine SW Merino wool offers both comfort and quality in each stitch. And because it's worsted weight, you'll be cozying up in your finished sweater soon. 

At Wool & Pine, we cherish the uniqueness of each knitter and invite you to make each project your own. For Spicebloom, we recommend Magpie Fibers Quartet Worsted, a 100% superfine SW Merino wool with 210 yards per 100 grams. This yarn is 100% Domestic, from sheep to skein, and is milled by a small, family-owned and operated mill, giving it a unique, rustic structure perfect for colorwork and intarsia. To guide your color choices, 8 Quartet Worsted sample palettes are included with the pattern. However, don't let our choice restrict you! Feel free to pick any worsted weight yarn that speaks to your soul. Or experiment with DK & Mohair-Silk lace held together for a fluffy floral masterpiece. Spicebloom is designed to be both an autumnal hug and a work of art, leaving you free to make it uniquely your own.

We envision Spicebloom as your go-to sweater for those crisp fall days, combining comfort with chic autumnal elegance. That's why we recommend 2" - 6" of positive ease for this raglan sweater, allowing the garment to gently drape around your body while highlighting its unique features. For instance, if your bust measurement is 38", you might opt to knit the 40" or the 44" size, based on your ease preference. Thanks to the sweater's thoughtfully crafted shaping, either choice will provide a great fit around the neckline, shoulders, and bust, yet offer enough freedom to move and show off the beautiful magnolia design. Your ease decision will let you fine-tune the sweater's fit to your own style and comfort level.

Venturing into intarsia and colorwork might seem challenging, but with Spicebloom, we've got your back. Our in-depth video tutorials break down every technique, making even the intricate details feel approachable. With our guidance, you'll find that mastering these techniques is within your reach. Dive into our pre-order, and let's embark on this knitting journey together. You've got this, and we're here to help!

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