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- Custom fit and construction 

- Larkshead Knot 

- Square Knot Variation 

- Gathering/Wrapping Knot

Introducing Sundaze, your next essential summer knit, designed to move, breathe, and celebrate the spirit of summer. Crafted using Knitting for Olive's Cotton Merino fingering, a luxuriously soft blend of 70% cotton and 30% merino wool, Sundaze offers the best of both worlds - the breathable comfort of cotton and the light, springy texture of merino. With 273 yards in a 50 gram skein, this yarn provides the ideal drape and ease for Sundaze, a top designed for relaxed, lazy afternoons basking in the summer sun.

Sundaze showcases a straightforward stitch pattern that involves minimal purling, making it an accessible project for knitters of all skill levels. Its signature element is a striking hem, adorned with handworked macrame, comprised of an easy-to-master traveling square knot mesh. The macrame is polished off with a wrap knot and playful fringe, adding a bohemian flair that's perfect for summer vibes.

Don't worry if you're new to macrame, we've included easy-to-follow video tutorials to guide you through every knot. With Sundaze, you get to express your personal style down to the very last detail, whether that means a long, flowing fringe or a short, chic one, the choice is all yours.


Constructed with a generous ease of 10-14 inches, Sundaze ensures a comfortable fit that embodies the free spirit of summer. This top is designed to drape beautifully, making it the ideal piece for dancing in the sun or lounging on lazy summer afternoons. Please note: The macrame hem and fringe on Sundaze are entirely yours to personalize. Our version showcases a notably long fringe and adaptable macrame, both designed with customization in mind. Feel encouraged to adjust the length to perfectly complement your style and comfort level.


The pattern features a unique side-to-side construction, starting with the right sleeve, knitted in the round. The pattern then transitions to a flat knit, seamlessly incorporating a simple "loop stitch" comprised of knits and slip stitches, adding textural interest with minimal purling. This method continues onto the front which is then joined to the back using a three-needle bind off. The left sleeve is then completed in the round, mirroring the right sleeve.


This inventive construction method creates a distinct vertical loop that extends across Sundaze from hem to collar, with the macrame adding a unique and eye-catching detail to your summer knitwear. The Sundaze top is not just a project, but an experience, offering the joy of crafting a beautiful, wearable piece of art that you can flaunt all summer long. 

Custom Fit Video

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