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Voyage Hat

• Choosing your colors

Set sail on a knitting adventure with Voyage Hat and Mittens, a beginner-friendly pattern that’s all about celebrating your yarn stash! This easy-to-follow pattern is perfect for transforming those leftover yarn bits into a stunning, colorful hat.

Your Project, Your Palette: Dive into your yarn collection and pick out those fingering weight favorites. Whether they’re bits from previous projects or single skeins waiting for their moment, Voyage Hat is all about making your yarn shine. It’s stashbusting at its best! Click here to watch a video with all the details!

Sizes for Everyone: We’ve got you covered from tiny tots to adults. This pattern is super versatile, so you can make a Voyage Hat for every member of your family or circle of friends.

Simple and Straightforward: Don’t worry if you’re new to knitting or colorwork – Voyage Hat is designed with simplicity in mind. You’ll be knitting in the round, creating a cozy ribbed brim, and then embarking on an easy yet exciting colorwork journey. It’s a great way to practice and perfect your skills.

Your Voyage, Your Rules: This pattern is all about you and your creativity. Mix and match colors, play with patterns, and make each hat uniquely yours. And remember, there’s no right or wrong in creativity – it’s all about the fun of making something with your own two hands.

Yarn: Voyage isn’t just about creating something beautiful; it’s about smart stashbusting. We encourage you to weigh your yarns, making the most of every last gram. This approach maximizes your stash potential, turning those leftover and single skeins into a stunning, cohesive piece.


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