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Whidbey Sweater

•Whidbey Sweater Overview

•Whidbey Weave

•Weaving with different yarn weights

•Weaving across the raglan line

The Whidbey Sweater is more than just a compound raglan knit in DK; it’s a blank canvas designed to showcase a fantastic fit and provide the perfect opportunity to weave all your cherished scrap yarns into a truly unique sweater. Embrace ‘all your yarn’ and weave it just the way you like! Combine your favorite fingering weight held double (or triple), double-held DK, or single strands of worsted weight to create an eye-catching Whidbey Sweater with diverse textures.


We’ve included a handy illustrated guide with plenty of weaving examples to inform and inspire. For even more inspiration, explore the stunning Whidbey Sweaters created by our talented test knitters on Instagram with #whidbeysweater and on Ravelry.

Dive into your stash and start knitting today!


The Whidbey Sweater—designed for men, women, and children—blends comfortable compound raglan shaping, relaxing stockinette, and creative Whidbey weaving, keeping you entertained and stash-busting all season long.


The Whidbey Sweater’s foundation is a straightforward, well-fitting compound raglan, worked in DK in the round from the top down. Beginning with a folded collar, the yoke features increases at varying rates for a curved raglan line that’s both comfortable and flattering. After separating stitches at the yoke’s end, the body and sleeves are worked in the round in plain stockinette until your desired length, concluding with cozy ribbed hems.


Then the real fun begins. After blocking your sweater, use the Whidbey Weave technique to add as much woven texture as your heart desires. Experiment with colors and yarn weights to craft a one-of-a-kind sweater that highlights all your favorite hues, fibers, and yarns!


  • Compound raglan for the perfect comfortable raglan shoulder seam

  • Wider relaxed crew neckline

  • Short rows at back of neck and shoulders to accommodate wider neckline and push neckline forward

  • Different chest/upper arm ratio to accommodate bust


  • Compound raglan for the perfect comfortable raglan shoulder seam

  • Snug crew folded collar neckline

  • Longer yoke to accommodate broader shoulders

  • Different chest/upper arm ratio compared to women's measurements

  • Longer sleeves with a more relaxed fit


  • Compound raglan for the perfect comfortable raglan shoulder seam

  • Standard chest/upper arm ratio

  • Helpful description on how to choose size based on recipients age and/or measurements

  • Tips to customize body length for age

Custom Fit Video

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