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Lacewing is the first pattern from Wool & Pine, a new design collaboration by DankFiber and AbbyeKnits


The supple faux cable texture of Lacewing intersected by delicate chevron lace and knit with two skeins of your favorite yarn is a bit of luxury for a windy day.

Fringe or no fringe, Lacewing can be styled to your preference with just the right amount of length to be elegantly wrapped and draped around your shoulders and neck.


The pattern includes both written and charted instructions. The faux cable is easy to memorize and the double yo’s used in the three chevron lace panels add a little zest to your needles!


Yarn Description: Qing Fibre Merino Single is a fingering weight single ply yarn, evenly round and smooth throughout the entire skein with a very slight sheen to the fiber. Lightweight with the slightest fluff, single-ply is great for accentuating the textured faux cables of Lacewing. The base color is a subtle silver grey with faint blue highlights. Sporadic, artful and subtle speckles in rust and chocolate lend depth to the fabric.

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