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Sea Glass Tee

Sea Glass Tee is an epic stashbuster worked seamlessly, top-down in the round featuring short sleeves and an easy to wear, relaxed silhouette. A super fun 1x1 colorwork pattern offers endless opportunities to use up scraps, minis and stash yarn, best yet there are absolutely NO ENDS TO WEAVE IN (video tutorials included.)   


As you'll discover in the video tutorials included with your pattern, Sea Glass is all about the pursuit of ART, not perfection. Unleash your third eye, dive into your stash and explore the depths of your innate creativity!  We want to see your unique beauty and personality expressed in your color choices and their infinite combinations, don't hold back!


Bust that Stash!

​Sea Glass is knit using fingering weight stash yarn, leftovers and mini's. Have fun playing with color, build a palette that expresses your personality and embrace the random beauty of your stash! We can't wait to see the wearable art you create! 

Custom Fit Video

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