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Wild Ivy

Wild Ivy is a fresh new DK sweater featuring a stunning, easily customizable neckline and a captivating lace panel on the bodice to delight your knitting needles and flatter your curves. 

Wild Ivy features a seamless raglan construction knit top down; the top portion of the yoke is knit flat and then joined in the round to knit the majority of the sweater.  Once the body is completed stitches are picked up and sleeves are worked in the round to your desired length - short, 3/4 length or somewhere in between - the choice is yours! 

Along with customizable ease, optional waist shaping and adjustable body length, the sophisticated neckline is also easily adaptable to your personal style and wardrobe - we include several handy tutorials guiding you on how to customize these particular areas of Wild Ivy to flatter your shape.

Wild Ivy features Merino DK by Sugarplum Circus in hand-dyed tonal solid colorways, Elphaba & Fox. We love how this particularly plump and soft Merino DK provides both structure to the overall shape of Wild Ivy and texture to the stunning lace motif.  Jensen’s hand-dyed tonal solids are so beautiful and rich, visit  dyed-to-order page to shop Jensen’s stunning array of dynamic tonal solids to place an order for a sweater’s quantity in your favorite color

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Custom fit video

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