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Wild Ivy

Introducing Wild Ivy, an enchanting and versatile DK sweater that brings together an eye-catching customizable neckline and an exquisite lace panel on the bodice, designed to both charm your knitting needles and accentuate your figure.


Wild Ivy showcases a seamless, top-down raglan construction. The yoke’s upper portion is knit flat, seamlessly transitioning to knitting in the round for the remainder of the sweater. Upon completing the body, stitches are picked up, and sleeves are worked in the round to your desired length—opt for short, 3/4 length, or any length in between, making it truly your own!


Wild Ivy’s true charm lies in its customizable features: from ease, optional waist shaping, and adjustable body length to its elegant and adaptable neckline. Our included step-by-step tutorials will expertly guide you through personalizing these aspects of Wild Ivy to complement your unique style and figure. Discover the beauty and versatility of Wild Ivy, and elevate your wardrobe with this stunning, one-of-a-kind knitting experience!

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Custom fit video

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