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Colorful Knits: Maximizing Your Yarn Stash

Class Size

up to 18 participants


2-4 hours

About the Course

Delve into the creative realm of yarn with Wool & Pine's "Colorful Knits: Maximizing Your Yarn Stash" Workshop. This vibrant 2-4 hour class is designed for a cozy group of up to 20 knitters, eager to transform their yarn stash into wearable art. Led by Selena, co-creator at Wool & Pine, the workshop is an invitation to knitters to blend their stored skeins, mini hanks, and leftover yarns into a harmonious canvas, while learning the secrets of fiber fusion and color harmony.

In this interactive session, Selena will guide participants through the exhilarating process of stash assessment, helping them curate their collections into potential projects. Knitters will be encouraged to play with color combinations, textures, and fibers, creating unique palettes that reflect their personality and style.

The workshop will showcase a variety of Wool & Pine's stashbuster designs, serving as inspiration for participants to envision the endless possibilities hidden within their yarn collections. From building gradient fades to juxtaposing bold hues, Selena will demonstrate techniques for color arrangement, moodboard creation, and drawing inspiration from everyday surroundings to build a cohesive project theme.

Knitters will not only learn to select patterns that complement their custom palettes but will also be equipped with strategies for combining different yarn weights and fiber contents to stunning effect. The session will provide practical tips on creating fades, marling, and executing colorwork to enhance the visual impact of their knits.

Join Selena for a session that promises to unlock the hidden potential of your yarn stash, guiding you towards a journey of creative freedom and personal expression in your knitting endeavors.

Materials provided:

- Curated handouts with visual examples of colorplay and stashbusting projects

- Wool & Pine's exclusive guide to building fades and color palettes

Materials for students to bring:

- A selection of yarn from their stash (minis, leftovers, and skeins are all welcome)

- Needles suitable for the yarns chosen

Skills Required:

- Basic knitting skills

- A passion for color and texture exploration

Topics Covered:

- Strategies for stash evaluation and project matching

- Techniques for combining disparate fibers and colors in a single project

- Live demonstrations on creating fades, color blends, and palette selection

- Using moodboards and photographs for color inspiration

- Tips for selecting the right patterns for stashbusting


Your Instructor

Selena Shepard

Selena Shepard

Wool & Pine

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