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Step into an immersive knitting class with Wool & Pine. Selena & Abbye offer a wealth of knowledge, sharing over 35 years of combined expertise to enhance your yarn shop, event and special retreat with our signature workshops. Whether as a dynamic duo or flying solo, we thrive on creating a knitting experience filled with hands-on guidance and the shared love of every purl and stitch.

Explore our class offerings below and imagine the buzz of creativity we can bring to your community. If you're interested in booking a workshop or if you have any inquiries, please email us at

Additional Classes

  • Easy-Peasy Hat Making - A class focusing on knitting in the round, where beginners can make a simple beanie or hat, learning the math to design their own.

  • Lace Knitting Fundamentals: Introduce knitters to the delicate art of lace knitting, covering basic lace stitches, reading lace charts, and blocking finished pieces.

  • Cable Confidence: A class focused on mastering cable knitting, reading cable charts, and learning how to knit cables without a cable needle.

  • Brioche Knitting Basics: Introduce the bouncy, ribbed texture of brioche knitting, with lessons on reading brioche patterns both flat and in the round. (Bluegrass Hat).

  • Steeking for Success: An advanced class that teaches knitters how to safely cut their knitting (steek) to create openings or to work in the round more easily.


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