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Norwegian Knitting Thimble Workshop

Class Size

up to 14 participants


2-4 hours

About the Course

Embark on a colorwork journey with Wool & Pine's Norwegian Knitting Thimble Workshop. This hands-on session, lasting 2-4 hours, is perfectly crafted for up to 14 knitters who wish to refine their colorwork skills. Led by Selena, designer at Wool & Pine, the workshop is dedicated to teaching the use of the Norwegian Knitting Thimble for continental knitting, with a clear focus on trapping floats and managing even tension for a professional finish.

Participants will explore the functionality of the Norwegian Knitting Thimble, learning to use and wear it effectively for knitting with two strands. The class will provide live demonstrations on loading yarn into the thimble and incorporating it into the knitting workflow to prevent tangling and maintain consistent yarn tension.

The course emphasizes practical experience, offering knitters personal guidance on trapping floats and solving common tension problems inherent in continental colorwork. The session will also cover additional techniques for advancing one's continental knitting skills beyond the use of the thimble.Knitters will leave the workshop equipped with the knowledge and confidence to tackle any colorwork project, producing clean, finished works that look as good on the inside as they do on the outside. Join Selena for a transformative session that promises to bring a new level of finesse to your continental colorwork projects.

Materials provided:

  • Norwegian Knitting Thimble

  • Multipage Instructional PDF with detailed guidance and tips for troubleshooting

Materials for students to bring:

  • Knitting needles (size US 4-7 recommended)

  • Two colors of yarn (Sock or DK weight preferred)

Skills Required:

  • Basic knit stitch in continental style

Topics Covered:

  • Mastering the Norwegian Knitting Thimble for effective colorwork

  • Demonstrations on thimble usage, yarn loading, and knitting execution

  • Strategies for trapping floats and ensuring even tension

  • Resolving typical tension issues associated with the thimble

  • Enhancing continental colorwork techniques for knitting mastery


Your Instructor

Selena Shepard

Selena Shepard

Wool & Pine

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