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The Ultimate Knitwear Photography Workshop

Class Size

up to 14 participants


two sessions: 6-10 hours

About the Course

Embark on a comprehensive full day or two-day journey into the heart of knitwear photography with Wool & Pine. This Comprehensive Workshop, led by the adept eye of Abbye Meiklejohn, is a masterclass designed to guide knitting enthusiasts from the basics of striking flat lay arrangements to the finesse of modeled portrait photography with a focus on using natural light to make your knitwear shine.

Day One: Foundations & Flat Lays

We begin with the essentials, exploring how to illuminate your knits using natural light sources and organic lighting modifiers, creating enchanting flat lays with engaging backdrops, and employing storytelling elements that capture the essence of your craft. Whether using a smartphone or a camera, you will learn to manipulate light and shadow to add depth and drama to your images.

Day Two: Mastering Modeled Photography

Transitioning from static displays to dynamic portraits, the second session delves into the art of capturing the human element. You'll learn to take advantage of advanced natural lighting techniques  to flatter both your knitwear and your models, discover how to direct models to convey compelling narratives, and find new angles that celebrate the craftsmanship of your work.

Throughout the workshop, you'll engage in hands-on sessions, applying your new skills in real-world settings, and culminating in a collaborative image review to refine your approach. With a multi-page instructional PDF, a variety of backdrops and props, and the opportunity to work with professional-quality knitted items, you'll have all the tools at your disposal.

The Stitch to Picture Workshop is an invitation to transform your finished pieces into vivid stories woven with textures, colors, and emotions. No prior skills are required, just bring your camera or phone, your knitted creations, and a readiness to learn. Leave with the confidence to present your art in its most captivating light, whether for personal enjoyment or professional showcase.

Materials provided:

  • Multipage instructional PDF

  • Paper and writing materials for lighting diagrams

  • Props and backdrops for flatlay

  • Knitted items to photograph

Materials for students to bring:

  • Camera or smart phone with camera

  • Knit FO or WIP

  • A laptop with lightroom or other post processing program

Skills Required: Basic camera and computer skills

Topics Covered:

  • Lighting and natural lighting modifiers

  • Styling for flatlay

  • Styling for portraits

  • Choosing locations

  • Point of view

  • Posing and directing a model

  • Hands on practice of learned techniques

  • If time allows, post proccessing


Your Instructor

Abbye Meiklejohn

Abbye Meiklejohn

Photographer, Designer
Wool & Pine

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