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Intro to Flatlay Photography

Class Size

up to 18 participants


2 hours

About the Course

Embark on a visual journey with Wool & Pine's Intro to Flatlay Photography class, where the art of capturing knitted creations comes to life. This hands-on workshop, lasting 2 hours, is perfect for up to 18 craft enthusiasts eager to showcase their works-in-progress and finished objects in the best light—quite literally!

Designed for the keen knitter, this class, led by Abbye, the photographer behind Wool & Pine's striking imagery, delves into the essentials of flat lay photography. With just a phone camera (or a camera of your choice), knitters will discover the secrets of effective lighting, using natural sources like open shade and window light to create that perfect glow.

Styling is at the heart of this course. Knitters will learn to enhance their photos with textured backdrops, the green charm of plants, and the cozy allure of a steaming mug—each element adding a story to their stitches. Exploring various shooting angles highlights the texture and color of the yarn, and mastering the "faux" work-in-progress trick makes the knitting look active and engaging.

There will be an opportunity for knitters to practice these new skills, transforming their next project showcase into an inspiring scene that resonates with fellow knitters and captures the essence of their craft. Join Abbye for a session of creativity and photography, where every snapshot tells the tale of a knitter's journey.

Materials provided:

  • Multipage instructional PDF

  • Backdrops and props

  • Knitted items to photograph

Materials for students to bring (not required)

  • Camera or smart phone with camera

  • Knit FO or WIP

Skills Required: None

Topics Covered:

  • Lighting

  • Styling

  • Point of view

  • "Faux" wip trick

  • Hands on practice of learned techniques


Your Instructor

Abbye Meiklejohn

Abbye Meiklejohn

Photographer, Designer
Wool & Pine

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