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Intro to Knitwear Portraiture

Class Size

up to 14 participants


3-4 hours

About the Course

Elevate knitwear photography with Wool & Pine’s Intro to Knitwear Portraiture class. In this advanced workshop, knitters become photographers, capturing the beauty of modeled knits without the need of special camera equitment. Tailored for an intimate group of 8-14 participants, the class offers personalized guidance from Abbye, Wool & Pine's visionary photographer, over a 2 to 4 hour session.

This class deepens into portrait photography. Knitters will learn advanced lighting techniques, such as open shade, backlighting, and cross lighting, to flatter both knitwear and model. They will understand how to use natural lighting modifiers to elevate the mood of their portraits.

Abbye imparts her knowledge on styling, selecting the perfect location, and directing models to express narratives. Knitters will discover new angles that showcase their craftsmanship and the model's expressions. Further, they will delve into post-processing, learning that even basic phone cameras can produce stunning results.

With a hands-on outdoor photography session, knitters will practice these skills in real-time. The workshop concludes with a collaborative image review and discussion, ensuring each knitter leaves with the skills to not only create but also professionally present their art.

By joining, knitters will transform their finished pieces into narratives of textures, colors, and emotions, all through their lenses. Under Abbye's expert guidance, they will craft breathtaking portraits that spotlight their knitwear in its most beautiful moments.

Materials provided:

  • Multipage instructional PDF

  • Paper and writing materials for lighting diagrams

  • Knitted items to photograph

Materials for students to bring (not required, but encouraged):

  • Camera or smart phone with camera

  • Knit FO or WIP

Skills Required: None

Topics Covered:

  • Lighting and natural lighting modifiers

  • Styling

  • Choosing locations

  • Point of view

  • Posing and directing a model

  • Hands on practice of learned techniques

  • If time allows, post proccessing


Your Instructor

Abbye Meiklejohn

Abbye Meiklejohn

Photographer, Designer
Wool & Pine

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