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Golden Fern

Golden Fern is a must-have addition to your knitting repertoire. With its captivating two-color brioche and unique asymmetric shape, this shawl is the perfect way to showcase your knitting skills. The low stitch count ensures that you’ll have a quick and satisfying knit, leaving plenty of time for you to enjoy the process and fall in love with your creation.


But don’t let the simplicity fool you, this shawl is a true work of art. Its organic motif lends itself to artistic interpretation and customization, so you can create a piece that’s truly your own. And with our included styling guide, you’ll feel confident draping and wrapping yourself in gorgeous brioche.


We recommend diving into your stash and experimenting with color combinations, though Golden Fern looks especially stunning with high-contrast colors. Our sample is knit in plump, soft Barley singly-ply by Six & Seven Fiber in deeply saturated Fig for the background color and lightly speckled Plumage for the main foreground color, with a swirl of Caramel adding an unexpected accent.


And don’t worry if you’re new to brioche - we’ve included video tutorials to guide you through casting on, binding off, and reading the written brioche pattern. Plus, we give you options to customize the size and style of your shawl based on your yarn availability and personal preferences. Create a one-of-a-kind piece with Golden Fern - download your pattern today!


Golden Fern is a two-color brioche shawl requiring two skeins of fingering weight yarn in contrasting colors plus an optional third accent color for the border.

- Use an accent color


- Omit the accent color and work your shawl in only your two main colors


- Golden Fern's organic motif lends itself to artistic interpretation - feel free to bind off early, or continue knitting in plain brioche with your accent color past the given instructions to extend the size.

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