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Embrace the harmony of raw, chic elements infused with simplicity and an organic, edgy flair in our latest creation, Fantail. This striking design features a distinct lace motif that seamlessly blends contemporary elegance and timeless charm within a stunning silhouette, knit using the exquisite linen-wool blend fingering weight yarn by Miss La Motte. Fantail is the ideal canvas for those special blended skeins in your stash, enhanced with hints of linen, cotton, bamboo, or silk.


Fantail boasts a streamlined top-down, in-the-round construction, adorned with short sleeves, an afterthought i-cord, and a playful touch of whimsy. The semi-cropped length can be effortlessly tailored to complement your unique style. Crisp, twisted stitch lines, framed by yarn overs, extend gracefully into the body, creating an airy drape that’s perfect for balmy days.


Marvel at the stunning oxidized texture in this exquisite yarn as it dances and shimmers through the delicate yarn overs. Choose skeins with a touch of sheen in a soft hue, and watch them sparkle to life within Fantail’s captivating design.

Custom Fit Video

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