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Prismatic Sweater

• Custom Fit video 

• Stashdiving tips 

• Twisty bind off

Prismatic is a stunning colorwork sweater that will add joy and color to your wardrobe. With its easy, seamless top-down construction and classic shape, it’s perfect for throwing on with your favorite jeans.


The sweater’s mesmerizing motif is inspired by the beautiful stained glass windows of our friend Darci’s historic home (@DarciDoesIt on IG). Its bold, geometric design is perfect for showcasing that special skein of yarn that you’ve been holding onto in your stash.


But Prismatic is not just a beautiful sweater, it’s also a fun and engaging project that’s perfect for stashbusting! The pattern includes several video tutorials to help you customize the fit to your body and choose the perfect colors for your unique sweater. Whether you’re a seasoned colorwork knitter or a beginner looking to try something new, Prismatic is a great opportunity to explore your creativity and experiment with different color combinations.


So why wait? Cast on for Prismatic today and let your imagination run wild!

Custom Fit Video

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