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Sea Glass Hat

• Choosing your colors 

• Swatching for gauge 

• Colorwork English style 

• Magic Knot

Step into a world of color with Sea Glass Hat, a delightful way to put every last bit of your yarn stash to creative use. This pattern is our treat for you—absolutely free when you sign up for our newsletter at It’s a celebration of colorwork, made simple and enjoyable with comprehensive video tutorials that guide you in creating a vibrant, cozy hat.

Discover the simplicity of 1x1 colorwork that allows for playful color mixing without the hassle of weaving in ends. We focus on the joy of creation, offering a treasure trove of video guides to help you every step of the way. Our pattern is an invitation to experiment with hues and textures, to learn at your own pace, and to enjoy every moment of your crafting journey.

Let’s knit a tapestry of memories with yarns that speak of past projects and the stories they hold. Sea Glass Hat is all about making the old new again.

Colorwork English Style

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