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Sea Glass Sweater

Update April 2024: Hello, Knitters! We’re thrilled to bring you a fresh update to our beloved Sea Glass Sweater pattern. Alongside improved formatting for an even smoother knitting experience, we’ve also added directions for optional short rows. Additionally, we’ve adjusted the necklines for the smallest and largest sizes, aiming for a more consistent fit across all sizes. These new additions are all about offering you an enhanced fit, ensuring your Sea Glass Sweater is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Happy Knitting, Wool & Pine

Introducing the ultimate stashbusting solution: the Sea Glass Sweater! Transform your yarn collection into a stunning, wearable work of art. This seamless, top-down, in-the-round knit sweater features long sleeves and a relaxed silhouette, providing comfort in all the right places. The dynamic 1x1 colorwork pattern offers endless opportunities to mix and match ALL your yarn scraps, minis, and stash, creating a truly unique piece.

Video Tutorials:

• Custom Fit Video 

• Choosing your colors 

• Swatching for gauge 

• Using multiple yarn weights 

• Matching sleeves to body 

• Colorwork English style 

• Dealing with ends (3 videos) 

• Increases 

• Backwards loop cast on


Say goodbye to weaving in ends by using our recommended Magic Knot technique. Plus, the pattern comes with video tutorials covering various methods to manage yarn ends beyond just the Magic Knot. Curious about 1x1 colorwork? It’s simple! For your Sea Glass Sweater, take two colors (C1 and C2) and alternate them: knit one stitch with C1, then the next with C2, and continue this pattern all the way around. Change one or both colors at the beginning of the round, and there you have it. Embrace the stashbusting adventure!


With your purchase, you’ll receive access to exclusive video tutorials that showcase helpful techniques like the Magic Knot, stashbusting tips for coordinating “matching” sleeves, color palette inspiration, customization guidance for the perfect fit, and much more. Celebrate the art of stashbusting with the Sea Glass Sweater, where creative expression takes center stage. Dive into your yarn stash and let your unique style shine through your color choices and combinations. We can’t wait to see your beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations!

Sea Glass Sweater is designed to help you utilize ALL your yarn scraps, leftovers, minis, and stash. This versatile pattern accommodates all yarn weights, as showcased in our delightful, multi-weight stash samples!


Unleash your creativity! As long as you swatch and meet the gauge, feel free to mix and match yarns. Combine two strands of lighter weight yarns for one color and use a DK for the other, or incorporate single strands of Sport or Worsted to expand your available yardage.


Experiment with a main color in DK and change the contrast color every round, taking care to alternate the placement of your main color to avoid vertical stripes.

For more stashbusting tips and creative inspiration, explore the tutorials included with your pattern. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the joy of stashbusting with the Sea Glass Sweater! Happy knitting!

Custom Fit Video

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