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Introducing the chic and versatile Shearwater Summer Wrap. Elevate your warm-weather wardrobe with this fashionable accessory, perfect for adding flair to any outfit. Knit in one piece using US8 needles and fingering-weight slub yarn from Dragon Hoard Yarn, Shearwater showcases the unique charm of slub yarn – once considered a defect, but now celebrated for adding texture and personality to fabrics.


The Shearwater Wrap features a loose gauge and a graceful drape that accentuates the rustic, homespun quality of slub yarn. The captivating lace pattern, which is easy to knit, repeats across the entire shawl. Once completed, seam the rectangular fabric at the shoulder according to your preference, leaving the arm section open to create a modern and enticing silhouette. Make a statement by draping Shearwater over your shoulder, paired with a wide neckline and styled over your favorite swimsuit, sleeveless blouse, or summer dress.

Yarn: Discover the captivating Shearwater Wrap, knit in the distinct and enchanting fingering-weight Goblin Slub by Dragon Hoard Yarn. Our sample showcases the timeless “Highland” colorway, perfect for adding an extra touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. The intriguing Goblin Slub base brings additional texture to the Shearwater Wrap, effortlessly enhancing its character and charm. Boasting a 90/10 blend, this yarn offers exceptional drape and durability due to its high Merino content.


While Goblin Slub truly shines in the Shearwater design, feel free to explore other fingering weight yarns for your wrap. Merino, linen, or silk blends in tonal solids will also create stunning results. Experience the exquisite blend of style and texture with the Shearwater Wrap, and make it your go-to accessory for summertime.

Custom Fit Video

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