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Willow Wisp

• Construction and customization 

• Bobble Bind-Off

Willow Wisp is knit from the top down, starting with the customizable i-cord straps and a flat-knit bodice. You have the freedom to choose your preferred style for the straps - straight, crossback, or halter - and we've included a photo guide for each to help you decide. The pattern transitions into a circular knit, where you create the body of the lace tank. Willow Wisp is delicately fitted at the bust, with a touch of ease around the body, resulting in a look that is sophisticated yet effortless. A playful, optional bobble bind-off adds a touch of whimsy.


Despite its intricate appearance, Willow Wisp promises a knitting experience that is as enjoyable as it is rewarding. The pattern is fitted yet flowy, recommending -2 to 2" ease. The delicate balance between fit and comfort makes this tank top perfect for warm summer days and for layering into the fall.


What sets Willow Wisp apart is the radiant combination of 100% silk yarn and a beautiful lace pattern. This tank top is as light as a feather and as soft as a summer breeze. Whether you pair it with a flowy skirt or comfortable shorts, it brings a touch of knitting magic wherever it goes.


Yarn: For this pattern, our top recommendation is the lustrous and feather-light Pure Silk by Knitting for Olive which we purchased from La Mercerie, perfect for achieving Willow Wisp’s beautiful drape and intricate lacework. However, if you wish to explore other options, Linen, Bamboo, and Cotton are all excellent alternatives that would suit this design well. To see a range of yarn choices, browse the projects tab on Ravelry and get inspired by our amazing Willow Wisp test knitters.

Custom Fit Video

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