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Voyage Cardigan

• Choosing colors

• Working decreases in colorwork

• Machine reinforcement

• Crochet reinforcement

• Cutting your steek

• Picking up sts for button band/sleeve

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Set off on a splendid adventure with Voyage Cardigan, a pattern that transforms your yarn stash into a colorful odyssey. This isn't just a knitting project; it's an expedition into the heart of your yarn collection, where every skein is a step on a journey to create something truly personal and unique. Perfect for knitters who revel in color, Voyage is your chance to play, experiment, and watch as a blend of hues unfolds into a cozy, eye-catching cardigan.


Voyage Cardigan features a simple yet elegant construction. Beginning with the ribbed hem, you’ll knit flat before the real adventure begins. As you transition to knitting in the round for the body, you’ll be introduced to the joy of colorwork, incorporating a steek that sets the stage for transforming your piece into a cardigan. This approach allows you to seamlessly blend your chosen colors, creating a personalized journey in every stitch.

When you reach the underarms, the pattern will guide you through some straightforward shaping for the armholes and sleeves, which are steeked and then set in seamlessly using short rows for a polished look. The neckline and buttonband are carefully crafted for a comfortable, neat finish.


We’ve included video tutorials to walk you through each step, especially the steeking process, to ensure that knitters of all levels can approach this project with ease and confidence. 

Since this is a stashbuster, yarn requirements are flexible. It's an opportunity to use those single skeins and leftover yarns to create something truly unique and personal. The pattern is best suited for fingering-weight yarn, offering a chance to blend and contrast your favorite colors.


We imagine Voyage as your favorite versatile cardigan, offering a balance between cozy comfort and a great fit. For this reason, we recommend 0" - 4" of positive ease, to achieve a relaxed yet fitted look. For example, if your bust measurement is 38", you might consider knitting the 38" or the 42" size, based on your preferred ease.


Voyage Cardigan isn’t just a pattern; it’s a creative process that invites you to play, explore, and enjoy every stitch. It’s a celebration of your knitting journey, made unique with every yarn from your collection.

Custom Fit Video

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