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Voyage Pullover

• Custom Fit Video 

• Perfecting the neckline

• Choosing your colors

• Knitting the sleeves 

• Tip for knitting the hem

Welcome to Voyage Pullover, your new favorite way to play with color and yarn. This stashbusting knitting pattern is the sibling to our cherished fingering weight Voyage cardigan, embodying the same zest for creative expression. Voyage Pullover isn't just another project; it's an adventure that beckons you to explore the far reaches of your stash offering endless opportunities to mix and match ALL your yarn scraps, minis, and stash, creating a truly unique piece.

The design of Voyage Pullover is intentionally crafted to be welcoming to knitters at any level. We've translated the motifs from our Voyage Cardigan into a straightforward, seamless, top-down, in-the-round experience. With this pullover, we celebrate beginner-friendly colorwork motifs that remove the usual concerns of long floats. Delight in a “paint by numbers” experience, knowing there are no floats to catch.

Construction: This top down colorwork yoke sweater pattern incorporates basic German short rows for comfy neckline shaping. From there, we work the yoke in the round to the sleeve split. After setting aside the sleeve stitches, the body is worked to your chosen length and completed with a ribbed hem. Sleeves are then picked up and knit in the round, allowing for easy adjustments and a perfect fit.

Voyage Pullover’s magic lies in its boundless potential for personalization. This knitting pattern is a treasure trove for stashbusters. We invite you to dive into your collection of colors, bases, and yarns, mixing and matching to your heart's content. As long as you swatch and meet the gauge, feel free to mix and match yarns. Combine two strands of lighter weight yarns for one color and use a DK for the other, or incorporate single strands of Sport or Worsted to expand your available yardage. Add your own motifs or play with your favorite hues; Voyage Pullover is a pattern ripe for interpretation. Unleash your creativity, and let the wonder of your yarn stash guide you to colorful new horizons. 

Custom Fit Video

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