This richly textured cowl with gorgeous threaded stitches (video tutorial included) evokes the color of the beautiful Calliope Hummingbirds native to the Pacific Northwest and their intricately woven nests.


Reversible and available in two-sizes (and easily customizable) this versatile cowl is an awesome stashbuster! Our smaller 27” circumference sample features leftover yarn from our faded Sorrel sweater. Mini-skeins would also work wonderfully in this design.

Knit in-the round with one strand of Sock yarn & one strand of lace mohair held together and featuring stunning interlocking 3-color faded (or not!) threaded stitches lined with sublime stockinette (a pop of color would work great here) this cowl is perfect for Spring!


We did a 3-color fade (the first 3 colors from our original Sorrel fade) using the 4th color from the hem for the stockinette lining. GET CREATIVE you totally don’t have to use the same colors as your Sorrel, this can be faded with 4 or even 5 colors if you want to use up scrap yardage with a color pop for the lining (200yds small/400yds large for lining.)


Yarn Description: Our samples feature SpunRightRound Classic Sock and Mohair Silk. The blend of these two fibers creates a dynamic fabric that has both exquisite softness and a cozy factor that’s off the charts! To be sure it’s warm so this combo is best for wintertime snuggles. The combination of mohair + sock creates an exciting opportunity to fade several colors together as the mohair has a magical way of blending and softening the colors held alongside it.

Classic Sock is a 4-ply sock yarn of 100% Superwash Merino with a strong round twist and silky texture with the slightest sheen. It blooms upon blocking making deliciously plump stitches.

Mohair Silk is a laceweight 72% kid mohair, 28% silk blend with a soft halo surrounding a strand of gently twisted silk core. As soft as a bunny’s tummy this blend lends a gorgeous halo to your finished piece.


Finished Measurements: Small (Large)
Small: 27”(54”) cowl circumference by 10” wide (both sizes)

Yarn & Yardage Info

Spun Right Round Classic Sock- 438yards/100grams

Spun Right Round Mohair Silk -laceweight- 459yds/50grams

C1: 75 (150yds)/20g (40g)
C2: 75 (150yds)/20g (40g)
C3: 75 (150yds)/20g (40g)
C4: (stockinette lining) 225 (450yds)/50g (100g)
C5: (mohair) 450 (900yds)/50g (100g) if stashbusting use one color for the textured side and a different color for the lining

Calliope Nest