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Explore our Stashbusters Collection, a vibrant array of knitting patterns designed for stashbusting enthusiasts. Our diverse range of patterns includes everything from cozy garments to funky shawls, unique hats, and charming accessories, each crafted to turn your yarn stash into stunning handmade textiles. Perfect for knitters eager to use up their cherished skeins, our collection showcases innovative techniques in colorwork, texture, and design. Find all other Wool & Pine patterns here.


Dive into our Stashbusters Collection, where your leftover yarns become the stars of your knitting projects. Our patterns cater to a variety of skill levels, offering a plethora of options for beginners and experienced knitters alike. They are more than just knitting instructions; they're a creative playground for those who love to mix and match colors and textures.


Join the community of knitters discovering the joy of stashbusting. Our collection is not just about reducing your yarn stash; it's about celebrating the unique stories and memories each skein holds. With Wool & Pine's Stashbusters Collection, every knitter has the opportunity to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that embody their personal knitting journey. Embrace the art of stashbusting and unleash your creativity with patterns that inspire and delight.

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